Artport Online 

Lost & Found

What is to be done with what cannot be classified or categorized? Can a missing classification lead to permanent loss? In its Lost & Found section, the visitor can find anything unable to be classified, be it symbolically or within a serial context. It is the only gallery which can also expose photographs in the proper sense of the word, that is photographic works still recognizable as such.

Were there any serial pattern recognizable in the department of Lost & Found, it would be the coherence of coincidence. In the uncertainty of being lost, being found amongst other lost or unintentionally left behind objects, it is only pure coincidence (or Sigmund Freud and his crew) that can match them. In placing them side by side on shelves and waiting patiently until by coincidence, someone claims them as once lost, to be found again.

All works exposed in this gallery are single works in different formats in editions of 25 + 2 AP each.