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The Gallery of Transit and its sub-galleries is a locality supporting a flow of constant change. Already arrived, not yet departed.

It is a one-way transition of the concrete into the abstract or all-encompassing. It comes with a loss of tangible focus and recognizable shapes. Or should their shapes still be distinguishable, the inherently faceless silhouettes respect the anonymity of accidentally captured passengers in transit, by effacing their discernible features. Silhouettes could be regarded as anyone.

Modern transit is a zone where the loss of identity, one of the individual’s strongest apprehensions, is practically continuous. It is the remnants exemplified as shapes and silhouettes, that maintain themselves as the vestiges of individuality.

Transit is also a place accessible for those without a passport, without a visa, without a destination, with a lost origin or homeland or with fluid identities. These, in the largest sense, are exemplified Poets. Transit is a home for those brimming with empathy and self-doubt, who could be anyone, anytime, anywhere. These can be method actors or taxi drivers, lost philosophers or struggling mothers having lost their home address.

Gallery I: Serial Works

Gallery II: Individual Works