Artport Online 

VIP Lounge

In the VIP lounge, you can find a number of known and not so known contemporary and non-contemporary species. Transit will bring them together. Their inherent need to ensure that the respective differences of their equivalents are explored, further strengthens their homogeneity, though their physical attributes shine an independent light on each of them. The VIP lounge can be described as a continuously evolving cabinet of curiosities.
Lounge passes will usually be issued by our management. However, lounge supervisor Hildegard herself controls the access criteria, which our management is often too easygoing to apply with utmost consequence.
Hildegard is a relict from the time air travel was exclusive. Passengers would distinguished attire when travelling. There was no in-flight entertainment because a flight in itself was entertaining. Some sources say Hildegard was a flight attendant, but by all accounts, her true passion was travelling the world. A lose, glittering heart, that would light up a traveller’s day. A light spirit and foot on the disco dancefloor, who had given up her plans to study and become a diplomat. Times were always changing, yet stratospheric Hildegard didn‘t see the paradigm shift coming. Finally she was grounded, in the lounge as simple ground staff because of her hard to be hidden zest, to teach some stiff manners to the modern traveller instead of just flexibly serving him or her.
Here, in the lounge, she is in her element: only letting those in who are entitled to it.
Who could this be?
The access criteria is not solely based on loyalty, but on interesting, often contradicting narratives: faces that have traveled a lot and do therefore deserve, to take a reflective break, before embarking to a new destination.
(However, every now and then rebellious Hildegard lets overworked airport staff slip into the VIP lounge. Permanent residents on shift work.)

While waiting for a departure, the rattling of trolley wheels is replaced by some inner monologues. For some, it merely helps kill the time. Others are glad to have some time to engage in a much needed introspective dialogue.
You can, if you wish, look more closely at them and read their monologues. Within our secured premises, everything is being recorded to ensure both security and everlasting memory.

  • Brit Popper, ageing
  • Calypso, stranded
  • Operations Agent Fernando Pessoa